jeff bates mp3 download
3:44 Jeff Bates ~Long Slow Kisses~ .mp3
4:06 Jeff Bates -- The Love Song .mp3
2:52 Jeff Bates sings Conway Twitty's I'd Love To Lay You Down! .mp3
3:24 jeff bates on the wings of momma prayers .mp3
4:23 Jeff Bates "Riverbank" Music .mp3
3:52 Jeff Bates - He Wasn't Like Us .mp3
3:07 Jeff Bates-The Woman He Walked On .mp3
3:25 Jeff Bates "One Thing" .mp3
3:33 If you could see me now - Jeff bates .mp3
5:24 AFTER THE FIRE IS GONE~6-7-2013~LORETTA LYNN singing with JEFF BATES .mp3
3:55 Don't Hate Me for Lovin' You- Jeff Bates .mp3
4:08 ♫ Jeff Bates - One Day Closer ♫ .mp3
3:50 Jeff Bates - The Clown .mp3
3:45 Jeff Bates - Long Slow Kisses .mp3
2:40 Jeff Bates Hello Darlin' By Conway Twitty .mp3
4:29 My Mississippi Jeff Bates .mp3
4:01 Trace Adkins and Jeff Bates - "If I Was a Woman" .mp3
6:25 Testimony Jeff Bates Crystal Meth .mp3
3:01 NO Shame No Shame -Jeff Bates .mp3
3:52 Don't Take It Away~JEFF BATES~7-16-2013~HURRICANE MILLS, TN .mp3
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